Rockwell’s Reserve Beard Balm


Rockwell’s Reserve Beard Balm is here to make a statement. For those history buffs that know a thing or two about Porter Rockwell, this scent will need no introduction. Inspired by Porter’s cinnamon-vanilla whiskey, this amazing scent is meant for only the manliest of men, justifiably called Rockwell’s Reserve. Scented with vanilla and just a hint of cinnamon premium essential oils, you’ll stop people in their tracks when walking by. This scent will make you wish you were sitting in an old timey bar while the piano player in the corner fills the room with music, while waiting for the outlaws to arrive in order to defend your turf. The vanilla has a rich smell with just a buttery top note, while the cinnamon adds a kick of spice that shows people exactly what you’re made of. When the weather starts to get cold, this is the perfect scent to warm you right up.