HighWest Beard was started by beard-lovers FOR beard-lovers. After trying just about every beard product out there, we knew something was missing so we formulated some of the best beard care products on the planet. High West Beard offers the best beard oils, balms and waxes that can be physically achieved and produced by mortals.


Dan Edmund
CEO / Founder

Dan is the CEO of the company and decided to turn his passion for facial hair into a business that he can enjoy and have a bit of fun with!

Chris Stuber
Social Media Manager / Marketing / Co-Founder

Chris has a background in social media, marketing, writing and editing. He's an avid outdoorsman and having a beard goes hand in hand with his lifestyle.

Justin 'TRØL' Hanneman
Graphics Guy / Marketing / Co-Founder

High West Beard products need to look just as good as they smell and perform. With his eye for detail and lack of compromise with his work, Justin is definitely the man for the job!